Shoe Guide

Throughout the history of rowing, footwear has often been overlooked as an important part of an athlete’s equipment. From the early days of wooden foot stretchers with leather straps, to converting running spikes to be fitted into boats, today’s rowing world benefits from shoes specifically made for the sport of rowing.

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Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a revolutionary material that is as strong as steel with a fraction of the weight. Bont cycling (the manufacturer of Bont Rowing shoes) has been producing carbon based footwear since 1989. The material is mainly comprised of carbon atoms that are bonded together and aligned to form the long axis of the fiber. Several thousand of these fibers are twisted together to form a yarn which is then in turn woven into a fabric. We source our carbon exclusively from the world’s #1 carbon manufacturer, Toray of Japan.

Foam Padding

Most performance footware are made with sponge foam padding. It’s light, it’s cheap and it doesn’t crush down. But what it does do is absorb water when it gets wet. So, if your feet sweat, you get water in the boat or if it starts raining, your shoes start absorbing the water which makes your shoes very heavy and uncomfortable. This type of foam is known in the industry as open cell foam, because the cells are porous. The foam used in making a Bont shoe is a high quality closed cell memory foam which doesn’t absorb water. So you don’t have to worry about them absorbing water when you row.