Safety strap replacement

The following instructions provide information around how to replace the safety rip cords in Bont Rowing shoes. These instructions can also be used as a reference for proper safety strap adjustment.

Each safety strap replacement kit contains the following items:

  • One short replacement safety release cord rope (to be used for the top straps on the shoes)
  • One long replacement safety release cord rope (to be used for the bottom straps on the shoes)
  • Instructions for fitment

Instructions for safety rip cord replacement

The information below contains instructions on how to replace the safety rip cord on Bont Rowing shoes. Please refer to the images to note which model of shoe you have in your possession. If you have already replaced the older style Nylon clip-system straps, you can skip straight to Step 4.

1. Unclip current safety rip cord clips from the shoe straps.

2. Carefully cut each plastic loop clip which is attached to the Nylon shoe strap loop. Take special care not to damage the Nylon affixed to the shoes straps. This will leave you with two vacant Nylon loops on the end of both shoe straps.

3. Perform Steps 1-3 for both shoes, left and right. Cut one end off your handle strap and slide the Safety handle off the strap. Put these aside as you will need them in a moment.

4. Select the shorter of the two safety rip cords and thread one end of it through the top strap loop. This is the strap loop closest to the heel of the shoe. Pulling the cord through so you can thread this through the opposite shoe’s top strap loop as well. Pull the two free ends into the middle of both shoes.

Once this is done the shoes should look like this:

5. Select the longer of the two cords and thread it through the bottom strap loops on both shoes in the same way. This is the strap loop closest to the toe of the shoe. You should now have both shoes threaded with new safety rip cords. Pull the loose ends of the cords through until you can join them both between the shoes. They are now ready to be tied together.

6. Slide your safety cord handle onto one side of the upper and lower ropes.

7. Take the loose ends of the top strap and tie them together. Tie the free ends of the bottom strap together. This will create closed loops on both shoes.

8. Ensure the knot is secure and slide your handle into the middle of the shoes to cover the knot as shown.

9. The safety release straps should now look like the picture below. Your shoes are now ready to reattach.

For proper adjustment and usage of the Bont Rowing safety strap, click here