Shoe Plate Installation

The Bont Rowing Drive QRS (Quick Release System) is designed to fit across all standard four-hole drilled rowing shoes and can be installed using the supplied hardware to all Bont Rowing shoes. Bont Rowing shoes are also compatible with the optional Heel Set (3mm, 7mm and 11mm effective heel lift) which is included with all Drive QRS+ systems or available separately.

The Bont Rowing Heel Set can retrofitted to all Bont Rowing shoes using the instructions available HERE

Note: The Drive QRS Shoe Plate is not designed for walking. Walking on the Drive QRS Shoe Plate while fitted to your shoes may damage the engagement system along with your shoes. FISA-approved heel ties, included with all Bont Rowing shoes must be used at all times.

Head to Bont Rowing for Safety Strap Maintenance

The following instructions are for installation of the Bont Rowing Drive QRS Shoe Plate. For installation of the Drive QRS Foot (stretcher) Plate, click HERE

Drive QRS Shoe Plate includes:

  • 2 x Drive QRS Shoe Plates (left and right) A
  • 8 x M5, 10mm Flat Head screws (shoes) B

Tools needed

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Torque wrench rated to 3nM

Instructions for Installing Drive QRS Shoe Plate


Place your shoes in an upturned position with the base of the shoe facing upwards (towards you). Every Bont Rowing shoe is drilled with a four-hole pattern designed specifically for the Drive QRS Shoe Plate.

Locate the L and R markings on each Drive QRS Shoe Plate.

Take one Shoe Plate and place it onto the corresponding shoe with the L/R marking oriented towards in the inner side of the shoe (Image 1).


Take one M5, 10mm Flat Head screw and thread it into the top inner corner hole. Take another M5, 100 screw and thread it into the opposite corner as shown in Image 2. Install the remaining screws and gently tighten.

Tighten all screws evenly to 3nM.


Repeat Steps 1-2 for the other shoe and you're ready to row.