Drive QRS Foot Plate

A better way to row

Introducing the all-new Drive QRS (Quick Release System) by Bont Rowing. Featuring a fully adjustable design and easy-to-use operation, Drive will change the way rowers and clubs think about quick release systems.

Built using marine-grade components including Titanium, carbon composites and 316 stainless steel fittings, Drive QRS is designed to go the distance and specifically tailored to meet the demands of life on the water.

The Bont Rowing Drive QRS Foot Plate includes all parts required for fitment of the Drive QRS onto one foot stretcher.

Product details

  1. Durable and lightweight carbon composite and Titanium construction.
  2. 316 marine grade stainless steel fittings.
  3. Compatible with all standard foot stretchers.

Simple Steps to Safer Rowing

1. Read the conditions

Check the weather and prepare for the conditions. Practice sun-safe rowing; ensure someone knows you're on the water, wear appropriate clothing, apply sunscreen and fill up your water bottle.

Simple Steps to Safer Rowing - step1

2. Be seen and be safe

Follow the rules of the waterway and constantly monitor your surrounds. Remain on the correct side of markers, understand hazards and respect others on the water. Attach appropriate lights when rowing in early morning or dark conditions.

Simple Steps to Safer Rowing - step2

3. Inspect your boat

Visually inspect your boat for damage and check all nuts, screws, bolts and oars are tight prior to placing your boat on the water.

Simple Steps to Safer Rowing - step3

4. Check bow ball

Your boat must be fitted with a solid white ball with a minimum diameter of 4cm. It must be firmly affixed to the bow regardless of being external or integral to hull construction.

Simple Steps to Safer Rowing - step4

5. Adjust safety cords

Ensure safety straps are adjusted evenly and to the correct length. Heel ties must also be fitted and adjusted according to regulations outlined by World Rowing and the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Aviron (FISA).

Simple Steps to Safer Rowing - step5

6. It's time to row

You've checked and planned for the conditions, let someone know you're heading out, fitted appropriate lights if needed, inspected your boat and gear and now you're ready to go. Enjoy your session.

Simple Steps to Safer Rowing - step6

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